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Online Gambling Game Viruses Are Again Endemic in Aceh

Ababilnews.com – The online gambling game virus is currently again endemic in Aceh. Meanwhile, the government and coffee shop owners left gambling in the hands of the young man.

If there was a famous gambling game called zynga poker, now a new gambling game with the name “Higgs Domino Island-Gaple QiuQiu Poker Game Online” which has existed since 2018 has become the most popular free game on the Android platform. Until now, it has been downloaded more than 10 million times.

This game is also popular with children to adults. However, the Aceh Government, the Ministry of Communication and Information and the Banda Aceh MPU are silent on this gambling phenomenon. “The fatwa already exists, this online gambling game is openly played in public spaces, even parents are apathetic and are not aware that their children are playing gambling every day,” said Aceh Information & Technology Society (MIT) Executive Director Teuku Farhan in Banda Aceh, Tuesday (1/9).

He explained, this online gambling game was like a virus which quickly became popular among Android cellphone users. And like a virus, this game has a contagious effect and is bad for its users. Starting from the physical, financial to psychological impacts. “This gambling game from China is very easy to play compared to games of war and violence so that players are easily addicted to bad consequences for players, starting to deteriorate their health, causing mental disorders to attacking creed problems,” he said. In fact, said Farhan, there are players who are willing to play this game in Chinese cemeteries on the grounds of looking for hockey. In this game there is the familiar term “alms”

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Found in Islam. Manipulating as if this game seems Islamic. Just like gambling games in the real world, in casinos, the money used to play this game is easily lost at one touch. Also on the contrary, if you win you will get a big profit in a short time. Sadly, credit shops and coffee shops facilitate the buying and selling of chips for this online gambling game. Based on the testimony of a student who admitted that he was not interested in playing war games and other types on Android, but once playing the Higgs Domino gambling game, he could be addicted.

The addiction to gambling games is thought to exceed war games and violence which have also been declared haram by the Aceh Ulama Consultative Assembly (MPU). In Nepal, a predominantly Hindu country officially bans violent PUBG games. This game has been declared haram by the Aceh MPU. “This kind of public duping must be stopped,” he said.

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According to him, the Aceh Government has the authority, can ask internet operators in the Aceh region to block online gambling games and violence that the Aceh MPU has declared haram because this has been decided by the ulama and is the will of the people.

If you are not willing, please expel the operator from Aceh because they do not respect the sharia in Aceh. He stated that the gambling game application must be blocked as well as pornographic sites, the NetFlix application which was successfully blocked and minimized by the government as well as the “Aceh Holy Book” application which was successfully blocked some time ago.

The Ministry of Communication and Informatics on Tuesday 3 July 2018 also officially blocked the Tik Tok application (Kominfo.go.id). This is proof that any application on various platforms can be blocked.


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