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Putin’s Tanks Will Hit Russia: Historic Move From Ukraine!

When Russia decided to invade Ukraine, the Russian army had a very important force: its tanks. The Russian army claimed to have the most powerful tanks in the world. Using these tanks, Russian soldiers started to advance on the borders of Ukraine.

But these soldiers did not know what they were about to experience. As you know, the Russian army was forced to withdraw from the occupied towns in a short period of time. But this retreat was very costly because Russian soldiers left their tanks on many fronts and started running. The footage of Russian soldiers running away made Putin very angry. These images were causing the Russian army to be disgraced all over the world.

But these images had another meaning. As the Russian army fled Ukraine, it abandoned many ammunition depots. Russian soldiers, especially those who wanted to escape quickly, planned to leave the tanks in the area and continue the war. But this plan did not work. The Ukrainian army confiscated tanks from all the areas where the Russian troops retreated.

These tanks were the most powerful parts of the Russian army. Each tank lost by the Russian army changed the balance of the war even more.

After the Ukrainian army started capturing Russian tanks, they came up with a plan. Commanders mapped the entire war zone using drones. All ammunition depots where Russian army tanks were located were marked one by one.

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The Ukrainian army began to operate on these depots. Snipers and infantry took part in this operation, supported by drones. First, Russian soldiers on the watchtower were killed by Ukrainian snipers. Then, Ukrainian infantrymen entered the warehouse and started killing Russian soldiers on guard duty one by one. After the Ukrainian army established control over the Russian warehouses, the tanks were immediately removed from the warehouse.

During the delivery of these tanks, drone cameras located Russian soldiers in the area. Thus, the Russian tanks were safely removed from this area.

The Ukrainian army seized tanks from Russian military depots. This move by the Ukrainian army caused a serious reduction in Russia’s tank stockpile. But Ukraine’s real plan was different.

Ukrainian soldiers had another plan for Russian tanks. This plan was unknown to anyone for a long time. But today’s developments have revealed that the Ukrainian army has been practicing this plan for a long time. It was the Ukrainian army’s drones that caused the most damage to Russian army tanks. The Ukrainian army decided to use by routher drones to destroy Russian tanks.

These drones dropped their bombs on the Russian tanks. Russian tanks were rendered useless after a single drone bomb. Russian soldiers would abandon these tanks and run away. There was one thing the Ukrainian drones were careful about during these operations. The drones were targeting only the barrels of the Russian tanks.

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The barrels of the Russian tanks were damaged in the explosion so that they could no longer fire. But why were Ukrainian soldiers specifically targeting the barrels of these tanks? How did this tactic affect the course of the war? Engineers know the answer to this question.

Expert engineers in the Ukrainian army are modernizing captured Russian tanks.

The barrels of the tanks in the Russian army are quite old. Ukrainian engineers are replacing these barrels and making them more long-range. Damage to the barrels of Russian tanks was also planned by Ukrainian engineers. The engineer said that these barrels would be replaced anyways. Damage to the barrels was therefore not a problem for Ukrainian engineers.

It even made it easier to dismantle the barrels. But the Ukrainian engineers had a very difficult task because targeting only the barrel of a tank is a very difficult task for any soldier. But Ukrainian soldiers had to fulfill this difficult task because the Ukrainian army was in a very disadvantaged situation in terms of ammunition. In order to win this war, the Ukrainian army had to confiscate Russian tanks. So the soldiers accepted the challenge.

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