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The New High Explosive Multipurpose Tank ABRAMS M1A2 Shell launched

The M1 Abrams is the third generation of main battle tanks produced by the United States. The M1 has a great arsenal, is heavily armored, and is a highly mobile tank. Designed for armored fighting vehicles. The specialty of this tank is a gas turbine engine fueled by JP8 jet fuel. The tank adopts advanced composite armor and separate ammunition storage in separate compartments for crew safety.

This new line of sight type ammunition is the next generation high explosive multipurpose round intended.

The new M1147 cartridge consolidates the capabilities of these four rounds into a single munition. The use of this bullet is aimed to replace other types of projectiles currently used in ABRAMS M1A2.

Meanwhile, The Orbital ATK has received a contract with options for the first phase of development of the 120mm advanced multi purpose, XM1147 high explosive multi-purpose with tracer cartridge.

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The new tank ammunition produced under the $16m contract is expected to provide Abrams main battle tank crews with a multi purpose round that replaces four existing rounds, offering greater mission flexibility and main-gun capability through a single munition for multiple engagement scenarios.

An emerging U.S. Army Abrams tank round is attack and destroy enemy tanks, bunkers, concrete walls, light armored vehicles and even small groups of enemy fighters – by enabling crews to instantly adjust its explosive effect within seconds.

AMP is designed to retain performance of these rounds against primary target sets which include light armor, bunkers, personnel and obstacle reduction/rubbling. The round also adds new capabilities which include antipersonnel airburst out to 2km as well as the ability to breach reinforced concrete walls up to 8in thick with direct and oblique impacts on the wall target. AMP is compliant to HERO (Hazard of Electromagnetic Radiation to Ordnance) and has the first fully HERO compliant primer.

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Current 120 mm ammunition has effects on some structures but does not facilitate efficient entry. Breaching an enemy-occupied building requires placing infantry Soldiers at risk of entering structures through fixed points or putting engineers in close proximity to the target to emplace breaching assets, such as explosive charges or battering rams. AMP will provide the ability to create a breach in a fortified structure that would allow Soldiers to enter, and deliver devastating effects to make their entry safer.

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